Poultry complex "Maramari Chicken Farm"

О компании

На данном этапе идёт строительства птицеводческого комплекса в Дангаринском районе, Республики Таджикистан. Ввод в эксплуатацию комплекса планируется на сентябрь месяц 2021 года. На первом этапе производительность будет составлять 5140 т. мяса в год.

Мы не останавливаемся на достигнутом, находим новые возможности для качественного удовлетворения запросов потребителей, решаем проблемы питания различных потребительских групп и стремимся производить высококачественные продукты.


• Support for the strategic goals of the Government in ensuring food security and access of the population to a quality product.

• Introduction of new and modern technologies for growing and processing poultry meat.

• Provide a wide range of safe and affordable meat through a modern quality management system.


• Area: 1 ha

• Area of the main and auxiliary buildings: 2000 sq.m.

• Internal microclimate system.

• Storage chambers for hatching eggs +15 degrees.

• Setters: 16 pcs.

• Output cabinets: 5 pcs.

• Stored in one cupboard: 19,200 eggs

• Production capacity: 460,000 chickens per month

• Delivery of chickens to chicken coops is carried out by specialized equipment

• Technique: 1 chicken carrier with a capacity of up to 50,000 chickens


• Area: 22.75 ha

• 12 poultry houses, the capacity of one poultry house is up to 33,000 birds

• Over 2.8 million chicks raised annually

• Automatic poultry rearing system, all poultry houses are serviced by modern technology

• Automobile scales for 60 tons.

• 2 diesel generators of 400 kW each, reservoir of 1000 m³

• 4 hangars on 3600 sq.m for food storage

• More than 10 units of special equipment

• 2 disinfection barriers


• Area: 1.7 ha

• Capacity: 3,000 head/hour

• Spiral shock freezer: 3000 kg per hour

• Refrigerators for storage at -18 °C for 450 tons

• Air-cooled refrigerator: 0 °c - capacity 3,000 heads/hour

• Air-cooled refrigerator: 0 °c - capacity 3,000 heads/hour

• Dosing packer: up to 15 bags per minute

• Carcass gauge: 6 divisions

• Boiler room with a capacity of 1 ton of steam per hour

• Ice maker: 500 kg per hour

• Quantity of special equipment: 6 pcs.

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